Vintage Estey Philharmonic Reed/Chapel Organ with bench

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This is a richer, more robust sounding reed organ than the normal household instrument. The Sub Bass in particular is surprisingly deep & rich. Many of the features can be found described in the 1922 catalog, page 8. This is case style O, and I've been told it's the 83 action, a unique Estey "double chest" design. It is in playing condition, the former owner was a piano tech and did some limited servicing on it. All the same, some stops cipher badly and it will need a good cleaning at the very least, and more likely a normal rebuild. I have 2 of the missing stop knobs, along with a little tray of various odd small bits and the notes from the previous owner. If this ever had a lid to cover the keys, it's gone now, as is the lid lock. The case is solid oak, and overall it's very solid, which tells you it's heavy. Two strong guys can get this in a pickup truck, but it will be work. The organ is at my home, in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, and it's a straight into-the-truck load, no stairs. The bench goes with the organ. I have no desire to sell parts off the organ. I am not in any position to offer shipping, sorry. Just plan on a nice Fall drive to pick this up in person. While I feel most reed organ deserve to be saved, this one truly does.