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Whiting ESTEY REED ORGANS ON PARADE, Robert B. Whiting  A pictorial review of the many parlour, cabinet, boudoir, philharmonic and other type of reed organs made over a 100 year period by the famous Estey Organ Company, together with a brief corporate history.  2nd Edition – Revised and Expanded.  $27.50 (includes shipping & handling) CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

  ESTEY ORGAN SCHOOL, Vinz. Micko.  A 58 page collection of sacred music, songs and choruses, and instrumental music for Estey organs.  Indicated stop registrations can be easily adapted for most American reed organs. Originally published circa 1876 by Henry Litolff’s Verlag, Braunschweig, Germany, this spiral bound English version was reprinted in 2009 by Charles A. Robison. $15.00 (includes shipping and handling)

ESTEY ORGAN WORKS poster.  The 13”x19” poster depicts the Estey Organ Company ca. 1880.  $7.00 (includes a shipping tube, shipping & handling)

  MANUFACTURING THE MUSE – Estey Organs & Consumer Culture in Victorian America, Dennis G. Waring.  A comprehensive story of the reed organ in America and of Jacob Estey, the New England entrepreneur whose company helped shape Victorian popular culture.  CD included.  Paperback   CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE


VOX JUBILANTE  – Victorian Sounds on Estey Organs.  A CD of Victorian secular and sacred songs performed on Estey reed and pipe organs.  $17.50 (includes shipping & handling)