Interesting Links

Brattleboro Historical Society
Estey and Brattleboro history

Brattleboro Words Trail
Three podcasts about Jacob Estey and his legacy

Estey Organ Company Buildings
Site survey of the Estey Organ Company complex

Estey in China
Brian Hammer’s website features a visit to the Gulangyu Organ Museum in Xiamen, China (aka Amoy).

Estey Traveling Organ
Picture and description of this instrument

Fuller Park, Esteyville
In 1886, Levi K. Fuller, president of the J. Estey Organ Company, donated land in Brattleboro for use as a public park. Fuller Park continues to serve as a community gathering place in the Esteyville neighborhood.

Harmonium Museum Nederland
Harmonium Museum Nederland

Website devoted to the harmonium and reed organ, including photos, history and sound recordings

Europe’s oldest magazine on Organ Art: het ORGEL; written in Dutch and English, with many organ articles and links

Organ Historical Society
International organization that seeks members from all levels of interest in the organ

Pipe Organ Foundation
Organization committed to the preservation, placement, and playing of pipe organs in public places

Reed Organ Society
International, non-profit organization devoted to the appreciation, study, collection, restoration and preservation of reed organs

Woodville Reed Organ Museum Private reed organ museum in New Zealand